Upcoming Exhibitions


Open Space Visitor Center
July 11, 2020- Sept. 27, 2020
Opening July 11, 2020
6500 Coors Blvd. NW
Alb. NM 87120

 Luna Project is in the process of designing new works for a furture show in Albuquerque, NM 
                                      Past Exhibitions
Luna Project has mounted eleven exhibitions and various community workshops in Albuquerque in the past twelve years:

Alb International Airport Breezeway exhibit  Feb. 2020
"A Crack in Everything", Zendo Coffee Shop Nov.1-Dec. 3, 2019
Edge Efffect, Luna Project Group Show, Open Space Visitor Center, Jan. 6-March 25, 2018
Through Their Eyes,  March  2-31, 2017, Tortuga Gallery
   Panel Discussion, Creating Art in Community, Tortuga Gallery,           March10, 2017
   Hands On Art, Playing Through Abstraction, Alice Webb.
   Tortuga Gallery, March 10, 2017
Red, Oasis in Albuquerque, Sept. 15-Dec. 16, 2016
Resolution, January 8-31, 2016, Mariposa Gallery
Distracted by Happiness, January 2-31, 2015, Mariposa Gallery  
Reflect , November 2014, Albuquerque Open Space
Vistior Center
Spring, April 2014, Mariposa Gallery
 Echoes, 2013, Weyrich Gallery. 
Begin Again, 2012, Alb. Open Space Visitor Center
Recent Work 2011, Oasis Bistro
 Harvested, 2010, ABC Library
 Harvest, 2010, Harwood Art Center
 Luna, 2006, Harwood Art Center
 In Other Words, 2009, Harwood Art Center
The Semanas Project, 52 weeks,2004